Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser  33oz

Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser 33oz

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This dual-purpose, sulfate-free body and hair cleanser washes away dirt and sweat without overdrying, leaving the entire body feeling revitalized for peak performance. What's In It Rosemary Extract: Helps calm the skin and fight bacteria on the skin’s surface. Eucalyptus: Aids breathing, decongests, and invigorates. Juniper Berry: Aromatic herb known for soothing properties. Arnica Extract: Helps soothe the body. Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Coconut-derived surfactant that provides gentle, effective, sulfate-free cleansing and leaves skin and hair soft and hydrated. Shea Butter: Contains essential fatty acids to hydrate and moisturize dry skin and hair.